Enhancing Depth Completion with Multi-View Monitored Distillation

by   Jia-Wei Guo, et al.

This paper presents a novel method for depth completion, which leverages multi-view improved monitored distillation to generate more precise depth maps. Our approach builds upon the state-of-the-art ensemble distillation method, in which we introduce a stereo-based model as a teacher model to improve the accuracy of the student model for depth completion. By minimizing the reconstruction error for a given image during ensemble distillation, we can avoid learning inherent error modes of completion-based teachers. To provide self-supervised information, we also employ multi-view depth consistency and multi-scale minimum reprojection. These techniques utilize existing structural constraints to yield supervised signals for student model training, without requiring costly ground truth depth information. Our extensive experimental evaluation demonstrates that our proposed method significantly improves the accuracy of the baseline monitored distillation method.


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