Estimating Optimal Policy Value in General Linear Contextual Bandits

by   Jonathan N. Lee, et al.

In many bandit problems, the maximal reward achievable by a policy is often unknown in advance. We consider the problem of estimating the optimal policy value in the sublinear data regime before the optimal policy is even learnable. We refer to this as V^* estimation. It was recently shown that fast V^* estimation is possible but only in disjoint linear bandits with Gaussian covariates. Whether this is possible for more realistic context distributions has remained an open and important question for tasks such as model selection. In this paper, we first provide lower bounds showing that this general problem is hard. However, under stronger assumptions, we give an algorithm and analysis proving that 𝒪(√(d)) sublinear estimation of V^* is indeed information-theoretically possible, where d is the dimension. We then present a more practical, computationally efficient algorithm that estimates a problem-dependent upper bound on V^* that holds for general distributions and is tight when the context distribution is Gaussian. We prove our algorithm requires only 𝒪(√(d)) samples to estimate the upper bound. We use this upper bound and the estimator to obtain novel and improved guarantees for several applications in bandit model selection and testing for treatment effects.


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