Estimation of control area in badminton doubles with pose information from top and back view drone videos

by   Ning Ding, et al.

The application of visual tracking to the performance analysis of sports players in dynamic competitions is vital for effective coaching. In racket sports, most previous studies have focused on analyzing and assessing singles players without occlusion in broadcast videos and discrete representations (e.g., stroke) that ignore meaningful spatial distributions. In this work, we present the first annotated drone dataset from top and back views in badminton doubles and propose a framework to estimate the control area probability map, which can be used to evaluate teamwork performance. We present an efficient framework of deep neural networks that enables the calculation of full probability surfaces, which utilizes the embedding of a Gaussian mixture map of players' positions and graph convolution of their poses. In the experiment, we verify our approach by comparing various baselines and discovering the correlations between the score and control area. Furthermore, we propose the practical application of assessing optimal positioning to provide instructions during a game. Our approach can visually and quantitatively evaluate players' movements, providing valuable insights into doubles teamwork.


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