Exploring Asymmetric Tunable Blind-Spots for Self-supervised Denoising in Real-World Scenarios

by   Shiyan Chen, et al.

Self-supervised denoising has attracted widespread attention due to its ability to train without clean images. However, noise in real-world scenarios is often spatially correlated, which causes many self-supervised algorithms based on the pixel-wise independent noise assumption to perform poorly on real-world images. Recently, asymmetric pixel-shuffle downsampling (AP) has been proposed to disrupt the spatial correlation of noise. However, downsampling introduces aliasing effects, and the post-processing to eliminate these effects can destroy the spatial structure and high-frequency details of the image, in addition to being time-consuming. In this paper, we systematically analyze downsampling-based methods and propose an Asymmetric Tunable Blind-Spot Network (AT-BSN) to address these issues. We design a blind-spot network with a freely tunable blind-spot size, using a large blind-spot during training to suppress local spatially correlated noise while minimizing damage to the global structure, and a small blind-spot during inference to minimize information loss. Moreover, we propose blind-spot self-ensemble and distillation of non-blind-spot network to further improve performance and reduce computational complexity. Experimental results demonstrate that our method achieves state-of-the-art results while comprehensively outperforming other self-supervised methods in terms of image texture maintaining, parameter count, computation cost, and inference time.


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