Exquisitor: Interactive Learning at Large

by   Björn Þór Jónsson, et al.
Reykjavik University
University of Amsterdam
IT University of Copenhagen

Increasing scale is a dominant trend in today's multimedia collections, which especially impacts interactive applications. To facilitate interactive exploration of large multimedia collections, new approaches are needed that are capable of learning on the fly new analytic categories based on the visual and textual content. To facilitate general use on standard desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, they must furthermore work with limited computing resources. We present Exquisitor, a highly scalable interactive learning approach, capable of intelligent exploration of the large-scale YFCC100M image collection with extremely efficient responses from the interactive classifier. Based on relevance feedback from the user on previously suggested items, Exquisitor uses semantic features, extracted from both visual and text attributes, to suggest relevant media items to the user. Exquisitor builds upon the state of the art in large-scale data representation, compression and indexing, introducing a cluster-based retrieval mechanism that facilitates the efficient suggestions. With Exquisitor, each interaction round over the full YFCC100M collection is completed in less than 0.3 seconds using a single CPU core. That is 4x less time using 16x smaller computational resources than the most efficient state-of-the-art method, with a positive impact on result quality. These results open up many interesting research avenues, both for exploration of industry-scale media collections and for media exploration on mobile devices.


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