Fast Algorithms for Monotone Lower Subsets of Kronecker Least Squares Problems

by   Osman Asif Malik, et al.
University of Colorado Boulder
wells fargo
Berkeley Lab

Approximate solutions to large least squares problems can be computed efficiently using leverage score-based row-sketches, but directly computing the leverage scores, or sampling according to them with naive methods, still requires an expensive manipulation and processing of the design matrix. In this paper we develop efficient leverage score-based sampling methods for matrices with certain Kronecker product-type structure; in particular we consider matrices that are monotone lower column subsets of Kronecker product matrices. Our discussion is general, encompassing least squares problems on infinite domains, in which case matrices formally have infinitely many rows. We briefly survey leverage score-based sampling guarantees from the numerical linear algebra and approximation theory communities, and follow this with efficient algorithms for sampling when the design matrix has Kronecker-type structure. Our numerical examples confirm that sketches based on exact leverage score sampling for our class of structured matrices achieve superior residual compared to approximate leverage score sampling methods.


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