Federated Hetero-Task Learning

by   Liuyi Yao, et al.

To investigate the heterogeneity of federated learning in real-world scenarios, we generalize the classical federated learning to federated hetero-task learning, which emphasizes the inconsistency across the participants in federated learning in terms of both data distribution and learning tasks. We also present B-FHTL, a federated hetero-task learning benchmark consisted of simulation dataset, FL protocols and a unified evaluation mechanism. B-FHTL dataset contains three well-designed federated learning tasks with increasing heterogeneity. Each task simulates the clients with different data distributions and learning tasks. To ensure fair comparison among different FL algorithms, B-FHTL builds in a full suite of FL protocols by providing high-level APIs to avoid privacy leakage, and presets most common evaluation metrics spanning across different learning tasks, such as regression, classification, text generation and etc. Furthermore, we compare the FL algorithms in fields of federated multi-task learning, federated personalization and federated meta learning within B-FHTL, and highlight the influence of heterogeneity and difficulties of federated hetero-task learning. Our benchmark, including the federated dataset, protocols, the evaluation mechanism and the preliminary experiment, is open-sourced at https://github.com/alibaba/FederatedScope/tree/contest/v1.0.


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