Finding Covid-19 from Chest X-rays using Deep Learning on a Small Dataset

by   Lawrence O. Hall, et al.

Testing for COVID-19 has been unable to keep up with the demand. Further, the false negative rate is projected to be as high as 30 some time to obtain. X-ray machines are widely available and provide images for diagnosis quickly. This paper explores how useful chest X-ray images can be in diagnosing COVID-19 disease. We have obtained 122 chest X-rays of COVID-19 and over 4,000 chest X-rays of viral and bacterial pneumonia. A pretrained deep convolutional neural network has been tuned on 102 COVID-19 cases and 102 other pneumonia cases in a 10-fold cross validation. The results were all 102 COVID-19 cases were correctly classified and there were 8 false positives resulting in an AUC of 0.997. On a test set of 20 unseen COVID-19 cases all were correctly classified and more than 95 were correctly classified. This study has flaws, most critically a lack of information about where in the disease process the COVID-19 cases were and the small data set size. More COVID-19 case images will enable a better answer to the question of how useful chest X-rays can be for diagnosing COVID-19 (so please send them).


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