Frequency Perception Network for Camouflaged Object Detection

by   Runmin Cong, et al.
Shandong University
Ocean University of China

Camouflaged object detection (COD) aims to accurately detect objects hidden in the surrounding environment. However, the existing COD methods mainly locate camouflaged objects in the RGB domain, their performance has not been fully exploited in many challenging scenarios. Considering that the features of the camouflaged object and the background are more discriminative in the frequency domain, we propose a novel learnable and separable frequency perception mechanism driven by the semantic hierarchy in the frequency domain. Our entire network adopts a two-stage model, including a frequency-guided coarse localization stage and a detail-preserving fine localization stage. With the multi-level features extracted by the backbone, we design a flexible frequency perception module based on octave convolution for coarse positioning. Then, we design the correction fusion module to step-by-step integrate the high-level features through the prior-guided correction and cross-layer feature channel association, and finally combine them with the shallow features to achieve the detailed correction of the camouflaged objects. Compared with the currently existing models, our proposed method achieves competitive performance in three popular benchmark datasets both qualitatively and quantitatively.


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