From Region to Patch: Attribute-Aware Foreground-Background Contrastive Learning for Fine-Grained Fashion Retrieval

by   Jianfeng Dong, et al.

Attribute-specific fashion retrieval (ASFR) is a challenging information retrieval task, which has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Different from traditional fashion retrieval which mainly focuses on optimizing holistic similarity, the ASFR task concentrates on attribute-specific similarity, resulting in more fine-grained and interpretable retrieval results. As the attribute-specific similarity typically corresponds to the specific subtle regions of images, we propose a Region-to-Patch Framework (RPF) that consists of a region-aware branch and a patch-aware branch to extract fine-grained attribute-related visual features for precise retrieval in a coarse-to-fine manner. In particular, the region-aware branch is first to be utilized to locate the potential regions related to the semantic of the given attribute. Then, considering that the located region is coarse and still contains the background visual contents, the patch-aware branch is proposed to capture patch-wise attribute-related details from the previous amplified region. Such a hybrid architecture strikes a proper balance between region localization and feature extraction. Besides, different from previous works that solely focus on discriminating the attribute-relevant foreground visual features, we argue that the attribute-irrelevant background features are also crucial for distinguishing the detailed visual contexts in a contrastive manner. Therefore, a novel E-InfoNCE loss based on the foreground and background representations is further proposed to improve the discrimination of attribute-specific representation. Extensive experiments on three datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed framework, and also show a decent generalization of our RPF on out-of-domain fashion images. Our source code is available at


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