FusionAI: Decentralized Training and Deploying LLMs with Massive Consumer-Level GPUs

by   Zhenheng Tang, et al.

The rapid growth of memory and computation requirements of large language models (LLMs) has outpaced the development of hardware, hindering people who lack large-scale high-end GPUs from training or deploying LLMs. However, consumer-level GPUs, which constitute a larger market share, are typically overlooked in LLM due to their weaker computing performance, smaller storage capacity, and lower communication bandwidth. Additionally, users may have privacy concerns when interacting with remote LLMs. In this paper, we envision a decentralized system unlocking the potential vast untapped consumer-level GPUs in pre-training, inference and fine-tuning of LLMs with privacy protection. However, this system faces critical challenges, including limited CPU and GPU memory, low network bandwidth, the variability of peer and device heterogeneity. To address these challenges, our system design incorporates: 1) a broker with backup pool to implement dynamic join and quit of computing providers; 2) task scheduling with hardware performance to improve system efficiency; 3) abstracting ML procedures into directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) to achieve model and task universality; 4) abstracting intermediate represention and execution planes to ensure compatibility of various devices and deep learning (DL) frameworks. Our performance analysis demonstrates that 50 RTX 3080 GPUs can achieve throughputs comparable to those of 4 H100 GPUs, which are significantly more expensive.


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