Game-based Pricing and Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing Enabled Edge-Cloud Systems

by   Yi Su, et al.

As a momentous enabling of the Internet of things (IoT), mobile edge computing (MEC) provides IoT mobile devices (MD) with powerful external computing and storage resources. However, a mechanism addressing distributed task offloading and price competition for the open exchange marketplace has not been established properly, which has become a huge obstacle to MEC's application in the IoT market. In this paper, we formulate a distributed mechanism to analyze the interaction between OSPs and IoT MDs in the MEC enabled edge-cloud system by appling multi-leader multi-follower two-tier Stackelberg game theory. We first prove the existence of the Stackelberg equilibrium, and then we propose two distributed algorithms, namely iterative proximal offloading algorithm (IPOA) and iterative Stackelberg game pricing algorithm (ISPA). The IPOA solves the follower non-cooperative game among IoT MDs and ISPA uses backward induction to deal with the price competition among OSPs. Experimental results show that IPOA can markedly reduce the disutility of IoT MDs compared with other traditional task offloading schemes and the price of anarchy is always less than 150%. Besides, results also demonstrate that ISPA is reliable in boosting the revenue of OSPs.


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