Generic Attention-model Explainability by Weighted Relevance Accumulation

by   Yiming Huang, et al.

Attention-based transformer models have achieved remarkable progress in multi-modal tasks, such as visual question answering. The explainability of attention-based methods has recently attracted wide interest as it can explain the inner changes of attention tokens by accumulating relevancy across attention layers. Current methods simply update relevancy by equally accumulating the token relevancy before and after the attention processes. However, the importance of token values is usually different during relevance accumulation. In this paper, we propose a weighted relevancy strategy, which takes the importance of token values into consideration, to reduce distortion when equally accumulating relevance. To evaluate our method, we propose a unified CLIP-based two-stage model, named CLIPmapper, to process Vision-and-Language tasks through CLIP encoder and a following mapper. CLIPmapper consists of self-attention, cross-attention, single-modality, and cross-modality attention, thus it is more suitable for evaluating our generic explainability method. Extensive perturbation tests on visual question answering and image captioning validate that our explainability method outperforms existing methods.


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