GLANCE: Global to Local Architecture-Neutral Concept-based Explanations

by   Avinash Kori, et al.

Most of the current explainability techniques focus on capturing the importance of features in input space. However, given the complexity of models and data-generating processes, the resulting explanations are far from being `complete', in that they lack an indication of feature interactions and visualization of their `effect'. In this work, we propose a novel twin-surrogate explainability framework to explain the decisions made by any CNN-based image classifier (irrespective of the architecture). For this, we first disentangle latent features from the classifier, followed by aligning these features to observed/human-defined `context' features. These aligned features form semantically meaningful concepts that are used for extracting a causal graph depicting the `perceived' data-generating process, describing the inter- and intra-feature interactions between unobserved latent features and observed `context' features. This causal graph serves as a global model from which local explanations of different forms can be extracted. Specifically, we provide a generator to visualize the `effect' of interactions among features in latent space and draw feature importance therefrom as local explanations. Our framework utilizes adversarial knowledge distillation to faithfully learn a representation from the classifiers' latent space and use it for extracting visual explanations. We use the styleGAN-v2 architecture with an additional regularization term to enforce disentanglement and alignment. We demonstrate and evaluate explanations obtained with our framework on Morpho-MNIST and on the FFHQ human faces dataset. Our framework is available at <>.


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