Global optimization via inverse distance weighting

by   Alberto Bemporad, et al.
IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

Global optimization problems whose objective function is expensive to evaluate can be solved effectively by recursively fitting a surrogate function to function samples and minimizing an acquisition function to generate new samples. The acquisition step trades off between seeking for a new optimization vector where the surrogate is minimum (exploitation of the surrogate) and looking for regions of the feasible space that have not yet been visited and that may potentially contain better values of the objective function (exploration of the feasible space). This paper proposes a new global optimization algorithm that uses a combination of inverse distance weighting (IDW) and radial basis functions (RBF) to construct the acquisition function. Rather arbitrary constraints that are simple to evaluate can be easily taken into account by the approach. Compared to Bayesian optimization, the proposed algorithm is computationally lighter and, as we show in a set of benchmark global optimization and hyperparameter tuning problems, it has a very similar (and sometimes superior) performance. MATLAB and Python implementations of the proposed approach are available at bemporad/idwgopt


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