GOT-10k: A Large High-Diversity Benchmark for Generic Object Tracking in the Wild

by   Lianghua Huang, et al.

In this work, we introduce a large high-diversity database for generic object tracking, called GOT-10k. GOT-10k is backboned by the semantic hierarchy of WordNet. It populates a majority of 563 object classes and 87 motion patterns in real-world, resulting in a scale of over 10 thousand video segments and 1.5 million bounding boxes. To our knowledge, GOT-10k is by far the richest motion trajectory dataset, and its coverage of object classes is more than a magnitude wider than similar scale counterparts. By publishing GOT-10k, we hope to encourage the development of generic purposed trackers that work for a wide range of moving objects and under diverse real-world scenarios. To promote generalization and avoid the evaluation results biased to seen classes, we follow the one-shot principle in dataset splitting where training and testing classes are zero-overlapped. We also carry out a series of analytical experiments to select a compact while highly representative testing subset -- it embodies 84 object classes and 32 motion patterns with only 180 video segments, allowing for efficient evaluation. Finally, we train and evaluate a number of representative trackers on GOT-10k and analyze their performance. The evaluation results suggest that tracking in real-world unconstrained videos is far from being solved, and only 40 top ranking trackers. All the dataset, evaluation toolkit and baseline results will be made available.


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