Gradient-based data and parameter dimension reduction for Bayesian models: an information theoretic perspective

by   Ricardo Baptista, et al.

We consider the problem of reducing the dimensions of parameters and data in non-Gaussian Bayesian inference problems. Our goal is to identify an "informed" subspace of the parameters and an "informative" subspace of the data so that a high-dimensional inference problem can be approximately reformulated in low-to-moderate dimensions, thereby improving the computational efficiency of many inference techniques. To do so, we exploit gradient evaluations of the log-likelihood function. Furthermore, we use an information-theoretic analysis to derive a bound on the posterior error due to parameter and data dimension reduction. This bound relies on logarithmic Sobolev inequalities, and it reveals the appropriate dimensions of the reduced variables. We compare our method with classical dimension reduction techniques, such as principal component analysis and canonical correlation analysis, on applications ranging from mechanics to image processing.


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