Gradient-free optimization of highly smooth functions: improved analysis and a new algorithm

by   Arya Akhavan, et al.

This work studies minimization problems with zero-order noisy oracle information under the assumption that the objective function is highly smooth and possibly satisfies additional properties. We consider two kinds of zero-order projected gradient descent algorithms, which differ in the form of the gradient estimator. The first algorithm uses a gradient estimator based on randomization over the ℓ_2 sphere due to Bach and Perchet (2016). We present an improved analysis of this algorithm on the class of highly smooth and strongly convex functions studied in the prior work, and we derive rates of convergence for two more general classes of non-convex functions. Namely, we consider highly smooth functions satisfying the Polyak-Łojasiewicz condition and the class of highly smooth functions with no additional property. The second algorithm is based on randomization over the ℓ_1 sphere, and it extends to the highly smooth setting the algorithm that was recently proposed for Lipschitz convex functions in Akhavan et al. (2022). We show that, in the case of noiseless oracle, this novel algorithm enjoys better bounds on bias and variance than the ℓ_2 randomization and the commonly used Gaussian randomization algorithms, while in the noisy case both ℓ_1 and ℓ_2 algorithms benefit from similar improved theoretical guarantees. The improvements are achieved thanks to a new proof techniques based on Poincaré type inequalities for uniform distributions on the ℓ_1 or ℓ_2 spheres. The results are established under weak (almost adversarial) assumptions on the noise. Moreover, we provide minimax lower bounds proving optimality or near optimality of the obtained upper bounds in several cases.


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