Graph Trees with Attention

by   Maya Bechler-Speicher, et al.

When dealing with tabular data, models based on regression and decision trees are a popular choice due to the high accuracy they provide on such tasks and their ease of application as compared to other model classes. Yet, when it comes to graph-structure data, current tree learning algorithms do not provide tools to manage the structure of the data other than relying on feature engineering. In this work we address the above gap, and introduce Graph Trees with Attention (GTA), a new family of tree-based learning algorithms that are designed to operate on graphs. GTA leverages both the graph structure and the features at the vertices and employs an attention mechanism that allows decisions to concentrate on sub-structures of the graph. We analyze GTA models and show that they are strictly more expressive than plain decision trees. We also demonstrate the benefits of GTA empirically on multiple graph and node prediction benchmarks. In these experiments, GTA always outperformed other tree-based models and often outperformed other types of graph-learning algorithms such as Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and Graph Kernels. Finally, we also provide an explainability mechanism for GTA, and demonstrate it can provide intuitive explanations.


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