GridDehazeNet+: An Enhanced Multi-Scale Network with Intra-Task Knowledge Transfer for Single Image Dehazing

by   Xiaohong Liu, et al.

We propose an enhanced multi-scale network, dubbed GridDehazeNet+, for single image dehazing. It consists of three modules: pre-processing, backbone, and post-processing. The trainable pre-processing module can generate learned inputs with better diversity and more pertinent features as compared to those derived inputs produced by hand-selected pre-processing methods. The backbone module implements multi-scale estimation with two major enhancements: 1) a novel grid structure that effectively alleviates the bottleneck issue via dense connections across different scales; 2) a spatial-channel attention block that can facilitate adaptive fusion by consolidating dehazing-relevant features. The post-processing module helps to reduce the artifacts in the final output. To alleviate domain shift between network training and testing, we convert synthetic data to so-called translated data with the distribution shaped to match that of real data. Moreover, to further improve the dehazing performance in real-world scenarios, we propose a novel intra-task knowledge transfer mechanism that leverages the distilled knowledge from synthetic data to assist the learning process on translated data. Experimental results indicate that the proposed GridDehazeNet+ outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on several dehazing benchmarks. The proposed dehazing method does not rely on the atmosphere scattering model, and we provide a possible explanation as to why it is not necessarily beneficial to take advantage of the dimension reduction offered by this model, even if only the dehazing results on synthetic images are concerned.


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