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"Help Me Help the AI": Understanding How Explainability Can Support Human-AI Interaction

by   Sunnie S. Y. Kim, et al.

Despite the proliferation of explainable AI (XAI) methods, little is understood about end-users' explainability needs. This gap is critical, because end-users may have needs that XAI methods should but don't yet support. To address this gap and contribute to understanding how explainability can support human-AI interaction, we conducted a study of a real-world AI application via interviews with 20 end-users of Merlin, a bird-identification app. We found that people express a need for practically useful information that can improve their collaboration with the AI system, and intend to use XAI explanations for calibrating trust, improving their task skills, changing their behavior to supply better inputs to the AI system, and giving constructive feedback to developers. We also assessed end-users' perceptions of existing XAI approaches, finding that they prefer part-based explanations. Finally, we discuss implications of our findings and provide recommendations for future designs of XAI, specifically XAI for human-AI collaboration.


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