Heterogeneous Directed Hypergraph Neural Network over abstract syntax tree (AST) for Code Classification

by   Guang Yang, et al.

Code classification is a difficult issue in program understanding and automatic coding. Due to the elusive syntax and complicated semantics in programs, most existing studies use techniques based on abstract syntax tree (AST) and graph neural network (GNN) to create code representations for code classification. These techniques utilize the structure and semantic information of the code, but they only take into account pairwise associations and neglect the high-order correlations that already exist between nodes in the AST, which may result in the loss of code structural information. On the other hand, while a general hypergraph can encode high-order data correlations, it is homogeneous and undirected which will result in a lack of semantic and structural information such as node types, edge types, and directions between child nodes and parent nodes when modeling AST. In this study, we propose to represent AST as a heterogeneous directed hypergraph (HDHG) and process the graph by heterogeneous directed hypergraph neural network (HDHGN) for code classification. Our method improves code understanding and can represent high-order data correlations beyond paired interactions. We assess heterogeneous directed hypergraph neural network (HDHGN) on public datasets of Python and Java programs. Our method outperforms previous AST-based and GNN-based methods, which demonstrates the capability of our model.


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