Heterogeneous porous scaffold generation in trivariate B-spline solid with triply periodic minimal surface in the parametric domain

by   Chuanfeng Hu, et al.

A porous scaffold is a three-dimensional network structure composed of a large number of pores, and triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMSs) are one of conventional tools for designing porous scaffolds. However, discontinuity, incompleteness, and high storage space requirements are the three main shortcomings of TPMSs for porous scaffold design. In this study, we developed an effective method for heterogeneous porous scaffold generation to overcome the abovementioned shortcomings of TPMSs. The input of the proposed method is a trivariate B-spline solid (TBSS) with a cubic parameter domain. The proposed method first constructs a threshold distribution field (TDF) in the cubic parameter domain, and then produces a continuous and complete TPMS within it. Moreover, by mapping the TPMS in the parametric domain to the TBSS, a continuous and complete porous scaffold is generated in the TBSS. In addition, if the TBSS does not satisfy engineering requirements, the TDF can be locally modified in the parameter domain, and the porous scaffold in the TBSS can be rebuilt. We also defined a new storage space-saving file format based on the TDF to store porous scaffolds. The experimental results presented in this paper demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the method using a TBSS as well as the superior space-saving of the proposed storage format.


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