Heuristic and Metaheuristic Methods for the Unrelated Machines Scheduling Problem: A Survey

by   Marko Durasevic, et al.

Today scheduling problems have an immense effect on various areas of human lives, be it from their application in manufacturing and production industry, transportation, or workforce allocation. The unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem (UPMSP), which is only one of the many different problem types that exist, found its application in many areas like production industries or distributed computing. Due to the complexity of the problem, heuristic and metaheuristic methods are gaining more attention for solving it. Although this problem variant did not receive much attention as other models, recent years saw the increase of research dealing with this problem. During that time, many different problem variants, solution methods, or other interesting research directions were considered. However, no study has until now tried to systematise the research in which heuristic methods are applied for the UPMSP. The goal of this study is to provide an extensive literature review on the application of heuristic and metaheuristic methods for solving the UPMSP. The research was systematised and classified into several categories to enable an easy overview of the different problem and solution variants. Additionally, current trends and possible future research directions are also shortly outlined.


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