Hierarchical Weight Averaging for Deep Neural Networks

by   Xiaozhe Gu, et al.

Despite the simplicity, stochastic gradient descent (SGD)-like algorithms are successful in training deep neural networks (DNNs). Among various attempts to improve SGD, weight averaging (WA), which averages the weights of multiple models, has recently received much attention in the literature. Broadly, WA falls into two categories: 1) online WA, which averages the weights of multiple models trained in parallel, is designed for reducing the gradient communication overhead of parallel mini-batch SGD, and 2) offline WA, which averages the weights of one model at different checkpoints, is typically used to improve the generalization ability of DNNs. Though online and offline WA are similar in form, they are seldom associated with each other. Besides, these methods typically perform either offline parameter averaging or online parameter averaging, but not both. In this work, we firstly attempt to incorporate online and offline WA into a general training framework termed Hierarchical Weight Averaging (HWA). By leveraging both the online and offline averaging manners, HWA is able to achieve both faster convergence speed and superior generalization performance without any fancy learning rate adjustment. Besides, we also analyze the issues faced by existing WA methods, and how our HWA address them, empirically. Finally, extensive experiments verify that HWA outperforms the state-of-the-art methods significantly.


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