High-Quality Supersampling via Mask-reinforced Deep Learning for Real-time Rendering

by   Hongliang Yuan, et al.
Southeast University
Tsinghua University
Tencent QQ

To generate high quality rendering images for real time applications, it is often to trace only a few samples-per-pixel (spp) at a lower resolution and then supersample to the high resolution. Based on the observation that the rendered pixels at a low resolution are typically highly aliased, we present a novel method for neural supersampling based on ray tracing 1/4-spp samples at the high resolution. Our key insight is that the ray-traced samples at the target resolution are accurate and reliable, which makes the supersampling an interpolation problem. We present a mask-reinforced neural network to reconstruct and interpolate high-quality image sequences. First, a novel temporal accumulation network is introduced to compute the correlation between current and previous features to significantly improve their temporal stability. Then a reconstruct network based on a multi-scale U-Net with skip connections is adopted for reconstruction and generation of the desired high-resolution image. Experimental results and comparisons have shown that our proposed method can generate higher quality results of supersampling, without increasing the total number of ray-tracing samples, over current state-of-the-art methods.


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