Higher-Order Momentum Distributions and Locally Affine LDDMM Registration

by   Stefan Sommer, et al.

To achieve sparse parametrizations that allows intuitive analysis, we aim to represent deformation with a basis containing interpretable elements, and we wish to use elements that have the description capacity to represent the deformation compactly. To accomplish this, we introduce in this paper higher-order momentum distributions in the LDDMM registration framework. While the zeroth order moments previously used in LDDMM only describe local displacement, the first-order momenta that are proposed here represent a basis that allows local description of affine transformations and subsequent compact description of non-translational movement in a globally non-rigid deformation. The resulting representation contains directly interpretable information from both mathematical and modeling perspectives. We develop the mathematical construction of the registration framework with higher-order momenta, we show the implications for sparse image registration and deformation description, and we provide examples of how the parametrization enables registration with a very low number of parameters. The capacity and interpretability of the parametrization using higher-order momenta lead to natural modeling of articulated movement, and the method promises to be useful for quantifying ventricle expansion and progressing atrophy during Alzheimer's disease.


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