How are the people in the photos judged? Analysis of brain activity when assessing levels of trust and attractiveness

by   Bernadetta Bartosik, et al.

Trust is the foundation of every area of life. Without it, it is difficult to build lasting relationships. Unfortunately, in recent years, trust has been severely damaged by the spread of fake news and disinformation, which has become a serious social problem. In addition to trust, the factor influencing interpersonal relationships is perceived attractiveness, which is currently created to a large extent by digital media. Understanding the principles of judging others can be helpful in fighting prejudice and rebuilding trust in society. One way to learn about people's choices is to record their brain activity as they make choices. The article presents an experiment in which the faces of different people were presented, and the participants' task was to assess how much they can trust a given person and how attractive they are. During the study, the EEG signal was recorded, which was used to build models of logistic regression classifiers. In addition, the most active areas of the brain that participate in the assessment of trust and attractiveness of the face were indicated.


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