Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Dual-domain Network Based on Hybrid Convolution

by   Tingting Liu, et al.

Since the number of incident energies is limited, it is difficult to directly acquire hyperspectral images (HSI) with high spatial resolution. Considering the high dimensionality and correlation of HSI, super-resolution (SR) of HSI remains a challenge in the absence of auxiliary high-resolution images. Furthermore, it is very important to extract the spatial features effectively and make full use of the spectral information. This paper proposes a novel HSI super-resolution algorithm, termed dual-domain network based on hybrid convolution (SRDNet). Specifically, a dual-domain network is designed to fully exploit the spatial-spectral and frequency information among the hyper-spectral data. To capture inter-spectral self-similarity, a self-attention learning mechanism (HSL) is devised in the spatial domain. Meanwhile the pyramid structure is applied to increase the acceptance field of attention, which further reinforces the feature representation ability of the network. Moreover, to further improve the perceptual quality of HSI, a frequency loss(HFL) is introduced to optimize the model in the frequency domain. The dynamic weighting mechanism drives the network to gradually refine the generated frequency and excessive smoothing caused by spatial loss. Finally, In order to better fully obtain the mapping relationship between high-resolution space and low-resolution space, a hybrid module of 2D and 3D units with progressive upsampling strategy is utilized in our method. Experiments on a widely used benchmark dataset illustrate that the proposed SRDNet method enhances the texture information of HSI and is superior to state-of-the-art methods.


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