Identifying Properties of Real-World Optimisation Problems through a Questionnaire

by   Koen van der Blom, et al.

Optimisation algorithms are commonly compared on benchmarks to get insight into performance differences. However, it is not clear how closely benchmarks match the properties of real-world problems because these properties are largely unknown. This work investigates the properties of real-world problems through a questionnaire to enable the design of future benchmark problems that more closely resemble those found in the real world. The results, while not representative, show that many problems possess at least one of the following properties: they are constrained, deterministic, have only continuous variables, require substantial computation times for both the objectives and the constraints, or allow a limited number of evaluations. Properties like known optimal solutions and analytical gradients are rarely available, limiting the options in guiding the optimisation process. These are all important aspects to consider when designing realistic benchmark problems. At the same time, objective functions are often reported to be black-box and since many problem properties are unknown the design of realistic benchmarks is difficult. To further improve the understanding of real-world problems, readers working on a real-world optimisation problem are encouraged to fill out the questionnaire:


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