Improving BERT with Hybrid Pooling Network and Drop Mask

by   Qian Chen, et al.

Transformer-based pre-trained language models, such as BERT, achieve great success in various natural language understanding tasks. Prior research found that BERT captures a rich hierarchy of linguistic information at different layers. However, the vanilla BERT uses the same self-attention mechanism for each layer to model the different contextual features. In this paper, we propose a HybridBERT model which combines self-attention and pooling networks to encode different contextual features in each layer. Additionally, we propose a simple DropMask method to address the mismatch between pre-training and fine-tuning caused by excessive use of special mask tokens during Masked Language Modeling pre-training. Experiments show that HybridBERT outperforms BERT in pre-training with lower loss, faster training speed (8 lower memory cost (13 relative higher accuracies on downstream tasks. Additionally, DropMask improves accuracies of BERT on downstream tasks across various masking rates.


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