Improving BERT with Self-Supervised Attention

by   Xiaoyu Kou, et al.
ETH Zurich
Peking University

One of the most popular paradigms of applying large, pre-trained NLP models such as BERT is to fine-tune it on a smaller dataset. However, one challenge remains as the fine-tuned model often overfits on smaller datasets. A symptom of this phenomenon is that irrelevant words in the sentences, even when they are obvious to humans, can substantially degrade the performance of these fine-tuned BERT models. In this paper, we propose a novel technique, called Self-Supervised Attention (SSA) to help facilitate this generalization challenge. Specifically, SSA automatically generates weak, token-level attention labels iteratively by "probing" the fine-tuned model from the previous iteration. We investigate two different ways of integrating SSA into BERT and propose a hybrid approach to combine their benefits. Empirically, on a variety of public datasets, we illustrate significant performance improvement using our SSA-enhanced BERT model.


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