Including Images into Message Veracity Assessment in Social Media

by   Abderrazek Azri, et al.
Universite Lumiere Lyon 2

The extensive use of social media in the diffusion of information has also laid a fertile ground for the spread of rumors, which could significantly affect the credibility of social media. An ever-increasing number of users post news including, in addition to text, multimedia data such as images and videos. Yet, such multimedia content is easily editable due to the broad availability of simple and effective image and video processing tools. The problem of assessing the veracity of social network posts has attracted a lot of attention from researchers in recent years. However, almost all previous works have focused on analyzing textual contents to determine veracity, while visual contents, and more particularly images, remains ignored or little exploited in the literature. In this position paper, we propose a framework that explores two novel ways to assess the veracity of messages published on social networks by analyzing the credibility of both their textual and visual contents.


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