Incorporating Sharp Features in the General Solid Sweep Framework

by   Bharat Adsul, et al.

This paper extends a recently proposed robust computational framework for constructing the boundary representation (brep) of the volume swept by a given smooth solid moving along a one parameter family h of rigid motions. Our extension allows the input solid to have sharp features, i.e., to be of class G0 wherein, the unit outward normal to the solid may be discontinuous. In the earlier framework, the solid to be swept was restricted to be G1, and thus this is a significant and useful extension of that work. This naturally requires a precise description of the geometry of the surface generated by the sweep of a sharp edge supported by two intersecting smooth faces. We uncover the geometry along with the related issues like parametrization, self-intersection and singularities via a novel mathematical analysis. Correct trimming of such a surface is achieved by a delicate analysis of the interplay between the cone of normals at a sharp point and its trajectory under h. The overall topology is explicated by a key lifting theorem which allows us to compute the adjacency relations amongst entities in the swept volume by relating them to corresponding adjacencies in the input solid. Moreover, global issues related to body-check such as orientation are efficiently resolved. Many examples from a pilot implementation illustrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our framework.


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