Information-Centric Networking based Caching and Naming Schemes for Internet of Things: A Survey and Future Research Directions

by   Sobia Arshad, et al.

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is being realized as a promising approach to accomplish the shortcomings of current IP-address based networking. ICN models are based on naming the content to get rid of address-space scarcity, accessing the content via name-based-routing, caching the content at intermediate nodes to provide reliable, efficient data delivery and self-certifying contents to ensure better security. Obvious benefits of ICN in terms of fast and efficient data delivery and improved reliability raises ICN as highly promising networking model for Internet of Things (IoTs) like environments. IoT aims to connect anyone and/or anything at any time by any path on any place but some IoTs like smart phones may not. From last decade, IoTs attracts both industry and research communities. IoTs is an emerging research field and still in its infancy. IoTs foremost target is to connect efficiently billions of things in a way to reduce human involvement in the operation of machines. While IoT wild-deployment puts many challenges, among others, one challenge is how to address efficiently so many heterogeneous and constraint-oriented devices. Thus, this paper presents the promise of ICN for IoTs by providing state-of-the-art literature in this context. We provide IoTs major components involved during its life-cycle and list required features for IoT network architecture. We present major ICN architectures and their applicability for IoTs. We survey ICN based naming and caching approaches for IoTs with appropriate classification and furthermore present OSs and simulators for ICN-IoT. We also provide important research challenges and issues faced by ICN for IoTs.


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