Information geometric regularization of the barotropic Euler equation

by   Ruijia Cao, et al.
Georgia Institute of Technology

A key numerical difficulty in compressible fluid dynamics is the formation of shock waves. Shock waves feature jump discontinuities in the velocity and density of the fluid and thus preclude the existence of classical solutions to the compressible Euler equations. Weak "entropy" solutions are commonly defined by viscous regularization, but even small amounts of viscosity can substantially change the long-term behavior of the solution. In this work, we propose an inviscid regularization based on ideas from semidefinite programming and information geometry. From a Lagrangian perspective, shock formation in entropy solutions amounts to inelastic collisions of fluid particles. Their trajectories are akin to that of projected gradient descent on a feasible set of nonintersecting paths. We regularize these trajectories by replacing them with solution paths of interior point methods based on log determinantal barrier functions. These paths are geodesic curves with respect to the information geometry induced by the barrier function. Thus, our regularization amounts to replacing the Euclidean geometry of phase space with a suitable information geometry. We extend this idea to infinite families of paths by viewing Euler's equations as a dynamical system on a diffeomorphism manifold. Our regularization embeds this manifold into an information geometric ambient space, equipping it with a geodesically complete geometry. Expressing the resulting Lagrangian equations in Eulerian form, we derive a regularized Euler equation in conservation form. Numerical experiments on one and two-dimensional problems show its promise as a numerical tool.


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