Inner Attention Supported Adaptive Cooperation for Heterogeneous Multi Robots Teaming based on Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

by   Chao Huang, et al.

Humans can selectively focus on different information based on different tasks requirements, other people's abilities and availability. Therefore, they can adapt quickly to a completely different and complex environments. If, like people, robot could obtain the same abilities, then it would greatly increase their adaptability to new and unexpected situations. Recent efforts in Heterogeneous Multi Robots Teaming have try to achieve this ability, such as the methods based on communication and multi-modal information fusion strategies. However, these methods will not only suffer from the exponential explosion problem with the increase of robots number but also need huge computational resources. To that end, we introduce an inner attention actor-critic method that replicates aspects of human flexibly cooperation. By bringing attention mechanism on computer vision, natural language process into the realm of multi-robot cooperation, our attention method is able to dynamically select which robots to attend to. In order to test the effectiveness of our proposed method, several simulation experiments have been designed. And the results show that inner attention mechanism can enable flexible cooperation and lower resources consuming in rescuing tasks.


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