Integrated Multiscale Domain Adaptive YOLO

by   Mazin Hnewa, et al.

The area of domain adaptation has been instrumental in addressing the domain shift problem encountered by many applications. This problem arises due to the difference between the distributions of source data used for training in comparison with target data used during realistic testing scenarios. In this paper, we introduce a novel MultiScale Domain Adaptive YOLO (MS-DAYOLO) framework that employs multiple domain adaptation paths and corresponding domain classifiers at different scales of the recently introduced YOLOv4 object detector. Building on our baseline multiscale DAYOLO framework, we introduce three novel deep learning architectures for a Domain Adaptation Network (DAN) that generates domain-invariant features. In particular, we propose a Progressive Feature Reduction (PFR), a Unified Classifier (UC), and an Integrated architecture. We train and test our proposed DAN architectures in conjunction with YOLOv4 using popular datasets. Our experiments show significant improvements in object detection performance when training YOLOv4 using the proposed MS-DAYOLO architectures and when tested on target data for autonomous driving applications. Moreover, MS-DAYOLO framework achieves an order of magnitude real-time speed improvement relative to Faster R-CNN solutions while providing comparable object detection performance.


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