Intelligent Routing to Enhance Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network: A survey

by   Yasameen Sajid Razoki, et al.

Nowadays, the network and the Internet applications have gained a substantial importance in the digital world, due to the great impact which it provides for health and community services. Among the most important services that have been provided are smart devices and vital factor measurement devices for patients, whether in a hospital or outside the hospital. Furthermore, sensors that collect medical data or measurements of temperature and humidity, in various critical environments. The proper types of network that may be used in such difficult environment are Wireless Sensor Networks, that used to sense and process data. Additionally, the Wireless Sensor Networks have been used in the environment of Internet of Things and smart cities in the general services and health fields. All these reasons have made researchers focus on Wireless Sensor Networks and addressing the challenges that face them. The most important challenge facing this type of network is energy consumption and increase battery life. This paper discusses the methodologies used in energy conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks, such as data reduction technology, shortest path selection and artificial intelligence algorithms used in smart routing and energy saving. Besides, we have introduced comparisons between the standard algorithms which are suggested by the researchers, to make a clear picture of the energy consumption problem and propose some effective solutions in Wireless Sensor Networks field.


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