Interactive Visualization on Large High-Resolution Displays: A Survey

by   Ilyasse Belkacem, et al.

In the past few years, large high-resolution displays (LHRDs) have attracted considerable attention from researchers, industries, and application areas that increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making. An up-to-date survey on the use of LHRDs for interactive data visualization seems warranted to summarize how new solutions meet the characteristics and requirements of LHRDs and take advantage of their unique benefits. In this survey, we start by defining LHRDs and outlining the consequence of LHRD environments on interactive visualizations in terms of more pixels, space, users, and devices. Then, we review related literature along the four axes of visualization, interaction, evaluation studies, and applications. With these four axes, our survey provides a unique perspective and covers a broad range of aspects being relevant when developing interactive visual data analysis solutions for LHRDs. We conclude this survey by reflecting on a number of opportunities for future research to help the community take up the still open challenges of interactive visualization on LHRDs.


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