InternGPT: Solving Vision-Centric Tasks by Interacting with ChatGPT Beyond Language

by   Zhaoyang Liu, et al.

We present an interactive visual framework named InternGPT, or iGPT for short. The framework integrates chatbots that have planning and reasoning capabilities, such as ChatGPT, with non-verbal instructions like pointing movements that enable users to directly manipulate images or videos on the screen. Pointing (including gestures, cursors, etc.) movements can provide more flexibility and precision in performing vision-centric tasks that require fine-grained control, editing, and generation of visual content. The name InternGPT stands for interaction, nonverbal, and chatbots. Different from existing interactive systems that rely on pure language, by incorporating pointing instructions, the proposed iGPT significantly improves the efficiency of communication between users and chatbots, as well as the accuracy of chatbots in vision-centric tasks, especially in complicated visual scenarios where the number of objects is greater than 2. Additionally, in iGPT, an auxiliary control mechanism is used to improve the control capability of LLM, and a large vision-language model termed Husky is fine-tuned for high-quality multi-modal dialogue (impressing ChatGPT-3.5-turbo with 93.89% GPT-4 Quality). We hope this work can spark new ideas and directions for future interactive visual systems. Welcome to watch the code at


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