Inverse covariance operators of multivariate nonstationary time series

by   Jonas Krampe, et al.

For multivariate stationary time series many important properties, such as partial correlation, graphical models and autoregressive representations are encoded in the inverse of its spectral density matrix. This is not true for nonstationary time series, where the pertinent information lies in the inverse infinite dimensional covariance matrix operator associated with the multivariate time series. This necessitates the study of the covariance of a multivariate nonstationary time series and its relationship to its inverse. We show that if the rows/columns of the infinite dimensional covariance matrix decay at a certain rate then the rate (up to a factor) transfers to the rows/columns of the inverse covariance matrix. This is used to obtain a nonstationary autoregressive representation of the time series and a Baxter-type bound between the parameters of the autoregressive infinite representation and the corresponding finite autoregressive projection. The aforementioned results lay the foundation for the subsequent analysis of locally stationary time series. In particular, we show that smoothness properties on the covariance matrix transfer to (i) the inverse covariance (ii) the parameters of the vector autoregressive representation and (iii) the partial covariances. All results are set up in such a way that the constants involved depend only on the eigenvalue of the covariance matrix and can be applied in the high-dimensional settings with non-diverging eigenvalues.


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