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iSAGE: An Incremental Version of SAGE for Online Explanation on Data Streams

by   Maximilian Muschalik, et al.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) focuses mainly on batch learning scenarios. In the static learning tasks, various XAI methods, like SAGE, have been proposed that distribute the importance of a model on its input features. However, models are often applied in ever-changing dynamic environments like incremental learning. As a result, we propose iSAGE as a direct incrementalization of SAGE suited for dynamic learning environments. We further provide an efficient approximation method to model feature removal based on the conditional data distribution in an incremental setting. We formally analyze our explanation method to show that it is an unbiased estimator and construct confidence bounds for the point estimates. Lastly, we evaluate our approach in a thorough experimental analysis based on well-established data sets and concept drift streams.


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