Joint Channel and Weight Pruning for Model Acceleration on Moblie Devices

by   Tianli Zhao, et al.

For practical deep neural network design on mobile devices, it is essential to consider the constraints incurred by the computational resources and the inference latency in various applications. Among deep network acceleration related approaches, pruning is a widely adopted practice to balance the computational resource consumption and the accuracy, where unimportant connections can be removed either channel-wisely or randomly with a minimal impact on model accuracy. The channel pruning instantly results in a significant latency reduction, while the random weight pruning is more flexible to balance the latency and accuracy. In this paper, we present a unified framework with Joint Channel pruning and Weight pruning (JCW), and achieves a better Pareto-frontier between the latency and accuracy than previous model compression approaches. To fully optimize the trade-off between the latency and accuracy, we develop a tailored multi-objective evolutionary algorithm in the JCW framework, which enables one single search to obtain the optimal candidate architectures for various deployment requirements. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the JCW achieves a better trade-off between the latency and accuracy against various state-of-the-art pruning methods on the ImageNet classification dataset. Our codes are available at


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