Learning Augmented, Multi-Robot Long-Horizon Navigation in Partially Mapped Environments

by   Abhish Khanal, et al.
George Mason University

We present a novel approach for efficient and reliable goal-directed long-horizon navigation for a multi-robot team in a structured, unknown environment by predicting statistics of unknown space. Building on recent work in learning-augmented model based planning under uncertainty, we introduce a high-level state and action abstraction that lets us approximate the challenging Dec-POMDP into a tractable stochastic MDP. Our Multi-Robot Learning over Subgoals Planner (MR-LSP) guides agents towards coordinated exploration of regions more likely to reach the unseen goal. We demonstrate improvement in cost against other multi-robot strategies; in simulated office-like environments, we show that our approach saves 13.29 robot) average cost versus standard non-learned optimistic planning and a learning-informed baseline.


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