Learning-based Spatial and Angular Information Separation for Light Field Compression

by   Jinglei Shi, et al.

Light fields are a type of image data that capture both spatial and angular scene information by recording light rays emitted by a scene from different orientations. In this context, spatial information is defined as features that remain static regardless of perspectives, while angular information refers to features that vary between viewpoints. We propose a novel neural network that, by design, can separate angular and spatial information of a light field. The network represents spatial information using spatial kernels shared among all Sub-Aperture Images (SAIs), and angular information using sets of angular kernels for each SAI. To further improve the representation capability of the network without increasing parameter number, we also introduce angular kernel allocation and kernel tensor decomposition mechanisms. Extensive experiments demonstrate the benefits of information separation: when applied to the compression task, our network outperforms other state-of-the-art methods by a large margin. And angular information can be easily transferred to other scenes for rendering dense views, showing the successful separation and the potential use case for the view synthesis task. We plan to release the code upon acceptance of the paper to encourage further research on this topic.


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