Learning Timestamp-Level Representations for Time Series with Hierarchical Contrastive Loss

by   Zhihan Yue, et al.

This paper presents TS2Vec, a universal framework for learning timestamp-level representations of time series. Unlike existing methods, TS2Vec performs timestamp-wise discrimination, which learns a contextual representation vector directly for each timestamp. We find that the learned representations have superior predictive ability. A linear regression trained on top of the learned representations outperforms previous SOTAs for supervised time series forecasting. Also, the instance-level representations can be simply obtained by applying a max pooling layer on top of learned representations of all timestamps. We conduct extensive experiments on time series classification tasks to evaluate the quality of instance-level representations. As a result, TS2Vec achieves significant improvement compared with existing SOTAs of unsupervised time series representation on 125 UCR datasets and 29 UEA datasets. The source code is publicly available at https://github.com/yuezhihan/ts2vec.


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