Learning to Become an Expert: Deep Networks Applied To Super-Resolution Microscopy

by   Louis-Émile Robitaille, et al.

With super-resolution optical microscopy, it is now possible to observe molecular interactions in living cells. The obtained images have a very high spatial precision but their overall quality can vary a lot depending on the structure of interest and the imaging parameters. Moreover, evaluating this quality is often difficult for non-expert users. In this work, we tackle the problem of learning the quality function of super- resolution images from scores provided by experts. More specifically, we are proposing a system based on a deep neural network that can provide a quantitative quality measure of a STED image of neuronal structures given as input. We conduct a user study in order to evaluate the quality of the predictions of the neural network against those of a human expert. Results show the potential while highlighting some of the limits of the proposed approach.


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