Leveraging Smartphone Sensors for Detecting Abnormal Gait for Smart Wearable Mobile Technologies

by   Md Shahriar Tasjid, et al.

Walking is one of the most common modes of terrestrial locomotion for humans. Walking is essential for humans to perform most kinds of daily activities. When a person walks, there is a pattern in it, and it is known as gait. Gait analysis is used in sports and healthcare. We can analyze this gait in different ways, like using video captured by the surveillance cameras or depth image cameras in the lab environment. It also can be recognized by wearable sensors. e.g., accelerometer, force sensors, gyroscope, flexible goniometer, magneto resistive sensors, electromagnetic tracking system, force sensors, and electromyography (EMG). Analysis through these sensors required a lab condition, or users must wear these sensors. For detecting abnormality in gait action of a human, we need to incorporate the sensors separately. We can know about one's health condition by abnormal human gait after detecting it. Understanding a regular gait vs. abnormal gait may give insights to the health condition of the subject using the smart wearable technologies. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed a way to analyze abnormal human gait through smartphone sensors. Though smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches are used by most of the person nowadays. So, we can track down their gait using sensors of these intelligent wearable devices.


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