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Linearly-Recurrent Autoencoder Networks for Learning Dynamics

by   Samuel E. Otto, et al.
Princeton University
Princeton Consultants, Inc.

This paper describes a method for learning low-dimensional approximations of nonlinear dynamical systems, based on neural-network approximations of the underlying Koopman operator. Extended Dynamic Mode Decomposition (EDMD) provides a useful data-driven approximation of the Koopman operator for analyzing dynamical systems. This paper addresses a fundamental problem associated with EDMD: a trade-off between representational capacity of the dictionary and over-fitting due to insufficient data. A new neural network architecture combining an autoencoder with linear recurrent dynamics in the encoded state is used to learn a low-dimensional and highly informative Koopman-invariant subspace of observables. A method is also presented for balanced model reduction of over-specified EDMD systems in feature space. Nonlinear reconstruction using partially linear multi-kernel regression aims to improve reconstruction accuracy from the low-dimensional state when the data has complex but intrinsically low-dimensional structure. The techniques demonstrate the ability to identify Koopman eigenfunctions of the unforced Duffing equation, create accurate low-dimensional models of an unstable cylinder wake flow, and make short-time predictions of the chaotic Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation.


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